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Tips to Increase the Security of Dedicated Hosting Servers

In modern times, security breaches have become quite common. With rapid technological advancements, the overall security challenges have also become quite complex. Owing to the overall importance of confidential data, you cannot simply neglect your overall security. Due to the rising number of security threats and breaches happening around the Internet world, it is high time that you should consider enhancing the overall security of your website as well.

If you run an online business on a dedicated hosting server, it is vital that you must consider implementing some useful security measures. Even though dedicated hosting servers offer the assurance of high-end security, still you can consider strengthening the overall security of your website. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Make Use of the Strong Password Policy: When you go for purchasing the dedicated hosting server, it is important to note that you must change the password. This is because most of the hosts have a set password by default. This might increase the overall risks of security attacks on your dedicated server. As such, you must follow some important series of security strategies for boosting the overall password security:
  • Do not make use of any common words or numbers that might be related to your personal identity.
  • Try making use of a combination of both lower as well as upper case letters, characters, and symbols.
  • Change the password from time to time.
  • Ensure Protection from the DoS Attack: A DoS (Denial of Service) attack could lead to the failure of the dedicated server that you are using. A DoS attack might make the dedicated server unavailable by delivering huge traffic to the system. The DoS attack takes place wherein there are several malicious computer systems working together towards wasting the server resources for your site and causing problems with legitimate customers who might be willing to access your site.

You can consider going for installing DoS protection plan that will deliver an additional protection layer that will help in filtering the overall traffic. As such, this can help in ensuring that all your site visitors are legitimate.

  • Ensure Data Backup Regularly: There could be higher chances of DoS attack even after you take all the precautionary methods. When you keep this in mind, you must ensure the data backup of the site’s important data on a regular basis. This will ensure the overall security of your data even in case of a security attack on the dedicated server. Off-site backups are also considered vital for your regular backup plan.
  • Consider Making Use of a Managed Server: If you are finding all of the security responsibilities quite overwhelming, then you might as well consider making use of a managed server for your dedicated hosting server. With this, you are offered the assistance of an administrator who is available for handling all the critical aspects of your website security.

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